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li                                         CONTENTS.
he Colours of Thick Plates........1^5
SECTION I. Eings thrown on a Screen hy a Concave Mirror consisting of a lens dimmed at the iirst surface, and quicksilvered at the hack. Condition of distinctness when the Eings are thrown on a Screen, or of fixity when they are viewed in Air. Investigation of the phenomena observed when the Luminous Point is moved in a direction perpendicular to the Axis of the Mirror . . 160 SECTION II. Bands formed by a Plane Mirror, and viewed directly
by the Eye..........170
SECTION III.    Bings formed by a Curved Mirror, and viewed directly hy the Bye, when the Luminous Point and its Image are not in the same plane perpendicular to the axis     .....    178 SECTION IV.    Straight bands formed by a Plane Mirror at a considerable angle of incidence, and viewed by the Eye, either directly, or
through a Telescope.........184
SECTION V.    On the Nature of the Deflection of the two Interfering
Streams from the course of the regularly Refracted Light   .       .    186 SECTION VI.    Investigation of the Angles of Diffraction      .        .       .    191
On a new Elliptic Analyser.........197
On the Conduction of Heat in Crystals.......203
On the Total Intensity of Interfering Light......228
On the Composition and Resolution of Streams of Polarized Light from
different Sources..........233
Abstract of a paper " On the Change of Refrangibility of Light"       .       .    259
On the Change of Refrangibility of Light.......267
Notes added during printing of the original paper      ....    400
Special index for that paper........408
Addition, introduced in the reprint    .......410
Index...........        .           4.15 face p. 285
p. 334, equation (10).   Insert "=" before "J\/-T"
p. 355,   equation  (66),  last term.    For '-245835" (log. = 1-390644)  read 245270" (log. = 1-389644)